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ProvadoLawn Pest Control

Provado Lawn Grub Killer

Provado Lawn Grub Killer for the control of Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs.

These pests feed off the grass roots which can cause unslightly yellowing and dead patches.

Easy application, simply apply to you lawn with a watering can

Each box contains enough lawn grub killer for 100 sq metres of lawn 

Important read and adhere to instructions supplied.

Mole RepellerMole Repellent Lawn Treatment

Mole Repeller:
Holey Moley's Mole Free a PestBye Product
Simply sprinkle this powder into the mole hill.
No water needed unlike similar products
It will discourage and move Moles from your garden, without harming them.
Children and Pet friendly 100% Environmentally Friendly
Ideal for lawns or garden borders.
Fully biodegradable. One application will treat up to 100m2
Important read and adhere to instructions supplied.

No need to keep kids and animals from treated area


Product Excellent value  
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